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Differences Between Social Security Disability and Veterans Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability AttorneyThe Social Security Disability and the Veterans Disability Benefits are two different types of benefits suited to different individuals. The SSD or SSDI is a program designed by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSD and VA are completely different programs, which will be further explained.

What is Social Security Disability?

A disability can damage an individual’s ability to work, which indicates an individual would require a monthly benefit payment to take care of their expenses. Social Security Disability Insurance usually abbreviated SSDI, as a program for individuals who become disabled before reaching the retirement age. An experienced SSD lawyer can help you claim your SSDI insurance.

Now that we know what SSD is, let’s take some time to focus on understanding Veterans Disability Benefits.

What is Veterans Disability?

The Veteran disability benefit is awarded to veterans who have a service connected disability. Veteran Disability is not considered an insurance program, in fact, the VA disability is a compensation program designed to assist veterans who have sustained an injury while on military duty. A skilled Veterans Disability lawyer can assist you in claiming a VA disability for your in-service injuries.

Let’s consider the major differences between SSD and Veteran’s disability

Difference between SSD and Veteran Disability

How SSD Functions?

The SSD and SSI disability programs are meant to partially replace a disabled workers income. To qualify for the SSD, it’s essential for individuals to prove they are unable to perform substantial gainful activity. On the other hand, the veteran disability program is based on the degree of disability; the monetary benefits received will be based on the calculated disability percentage.

Entitlement vs. Obligation

Social security disability is viewed as an entitlement, whereas the Veteran’s Disability is viewed as the nation’s obligation to assist veterans for their service and injuries sustained during military service.

Source of Funding

The Social Security Disability program is essentially designed to provide a segment of earnings back to disabled insured workers. These insured workers are unable to effectively perform competitive work. The source of funding is the main difference between VA and SSD. The money used to compensate people under the social security disability claims comes straight from taxes paid by workers under the Self-Employment Contribution Act.

The VA disability is funded by the Veteran’s Administration, which is funded via taxes paid by military personnel.

Approval Time

One major difference is the approval time of VA and SSD claims. The Veteran’s disability approval rate is higher and the processing time is quicker than SSD. Whereas, the approval for SSD can take several months to two years.

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