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Dealing with a Social Security Disability Insurance Application Rejection

Social Security Disability AttorneyAn overwhelming number of SSDI applications are rejected every year due to various reasons. Therefore, if you recently applied for Social Security Disability Benefits and your application got rejected, there is no need to be distraught or disappointed. While getting your application rejected is not an ideal outcome, you need to plan your next step right away. If you truly fit the eligibility criteria of the program, you will ultimately succeed. All you need is proper guidance and instruction. According to experienced social security disability lawyers, many applicants face rejection at first due to incomplete or improperly filled applications. Before we move on to providing guidance on how to deal with rejection, let’s briefly discuss the SSDI program.

What is the SSDI Program?

Every year thousands of people sustain serious injuries which render them paralyzed or disabled. These injuries or incidents do not only just cause inexplicable pain and suffering but also have long lasting implications on the lives of those who sustain them. Most people have to rely upon their body to be able to earn a living to bear their own expenses and in many cases, the expenses of their families as well. In order to facilitate and assist such Americans who lost their ability to earn an honest living, the federal government initiated a social security and disability benefits program back in 1935.

What should you do after being rejected?

The first and foremost thing you need to do after your application is rejected is revisit the eligibility criteria. Make sure that you read through the entire document to ensure that you are actually eligible for the program. If you are convinced that you fulfil all the prerequisites for eligibility, then check if you have made any mistakes in your application. If you still cannot identify the reason your SSDI application was rejected, you should consult an experienced and reputable social security disability lawyer. Empowered with their experience and vast knowledge, they would be able to help you identify the reason why your application was rejected. Once the flaws and shortcomings of your application are identified, you can rectify those errors or flaws and apply again. With the guidance of your lawyer, you would be able to apply with a far more coherent and comprehensive application, which would have a greater chance of being accepted.

If you wish to seek further information about this subject or discuss your SSDI application with an experienced social security disability lawyer, the law offices of Harold W. Conick & Associates at (800) 608-8881 to schedule a free consultation. We have over 30 years of experience successfully representing disabled workers and can help you with your case.