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I needed an attorney who was a true expert on Social Security Disability benefits, and not one of those guys who rely on quantity over quality – like so many of these big disability benefit mill operations you see advertised everywhere. I needed someone with passion and who takes the time to listen before offering any advice.

I needed a guy with a track record that was seasoned enough to demand respect because he was mature and that he thoroughly understood the Social Security Administration Disability benefits process from top to bottom.

And, I needed an attorney who himself had undergone physical medical challenges and understood what I was going through and could be the best possible advocate for me because he could personally relate.

I needed Harold W. Conick! And, I wasn’t disappointed. Harold listened to my narration of medical history and informed me of what he thought I could expect should I choose to retain him. He met with me through each and every step of the process, making suggestions and explaining the issues. Finally, Harold helped me get the benefits that I was entitled to receive.

Harold Conick guided me through a process that isn’t always pleasant, and helped me feel that I was in the right hands, regardless of how tough those times may be.