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When I was searching for an attorney to assist in my disability claim, I was looking for experience, one that wasn’t just in it for the money, but one that wanted to help me, and do it the correct way. I found this after one phone call with Harold W. Conick & Associates, and after the second phone call, I knew I had the right attorney. All the others would listen to my story and say, yes we will take you. This firm heard my story, asked me questions that disability had asked me. This impressed me because it showed they knew what they were doing. Then they said they would go over it and decide if I had a case or not, and whether they would take it. They weren’t just getting cases in the door and hoping they would win, they were making sure they were taking cases that would win.

Attorney Conick was very knowledgeable and well respected by the judge and doctor that were assigned to my case. He gave me sound advice and explained any question that I asked or didn’t understand.

I highly recommend Attorney Harold Conick and his associates to use when you are trying to get disability.