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Congressional change may cut disability payments

It is no secret that there is political turmoil, with many looking to diminish the Social Security Administration’s disability benefits system. However, the payments have kept coming, even if at a slower rate. The Washington Post’s Max Ehrenfreund wrote in a recent post that recent action on the first day of the 114th Congress could cut payments by as much as a fifth.

Currently, SSA has the disability insurance program and the Old Age and Survivors Insurance program that are linked closely together, with money exchanging between both. Ehrenfreund said there is enough money to keep both of these programs in working order until at least 2034. However, the House has adopted a new rule that creates an obstacle to reallocating that money.

This is a move, some have said, to prevent fraud. Texas Republican Representative Sam Johnson said there needs to be further steps taken. However, Ehrenfreund notes that fraud in both of these systems is few and far between, with A report by the Government Accountability Office finding that a mere 0.4 percent of disability beneficiaries get improper benefits.

“The effect of the rule appears to be to force Congress into a debate about Social Security next year instead of sometime before 2033,” Ehrenfreund wrote in the post. “Without action from Congress, Social Security will be forced to cut disability payments to all recipients by about one fifth.”

The politicians have apparently decided to pick on the weakest members of American society, the disabled, in order to save money. They know the disabled versus retired recipients of government benefits are less likely to be able to defend themselves from legislative game playing with SSA benefits.

There is absolutely no financial rationale for their actions in attacking the recipients of disability benefits. Hopefully, Congress will take an objective look at the numbers and decide not to reduce benefits.

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