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Children with learning disabilities could be eligible for benefits

While many children suffer through years of struggling at school with learning disabilities, those same students could have disability qualifying benefits and be eligible for payment by the Social Security Administration.

“It is believed that learning disabilities are caused by a difficulty with the nervous system that affects receiving, processing, or communicating information,” according to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry’s website. “They may also run in families. Some children with learning disabilities are also hyperactive; unable to sit still, easily distracted, and have a short attention span.”

Frequent signals of a learning disability include difficulty understanding and following instructions, trouble remembering what someone just told him or her, failure to master reading, spelling or other skills and more, according to the ACAP.

Parents whose children suffer through these learning disabilities will need to get acceptable medical documentation from a licensed or certified psychologist, according to the Social Security Administration. The documentation would have to establish that the child has a learning disability, mental retardation or borderline intellectual functioning, the SSA said.

Additionally, school records and evidence of difficulties with social activities and family relationships can be very compelling evidence in support of a child’s learning disability claim.

The law offices of Harold W. Conick & Associates, Ltd. have successfully represented numerous learning disabled children in obtaining Social Security disability benefits.