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Children with epilepsy can be approved for disability benefits

Children who suffer from epilepsy, or an illness that causes two or more seizures by reversible causes, according to the Epilepsy Therapy Project, may have disability qualifying conditions from the Social Security Administration. This means their families could get money that is well needed for medical bills, therapy and more.

In order to get Social Security benefits, parents must be diligent in getting the disease diagnosed and working with doctors. The Epilepsy Therapy Project spells it out on their website.

“Many children fail to report what they feel because of shyness, embarrassment, inability to put their feelings into words, inability to recognize the relationship of the symptom to a seizure, inability to recall the event, and other less obvious reasons,” the website said. “If simply asked what he or she experiences, such a child may just shrug. When given a choice of possible symptoms, however, the child will often say that one or more occurred before the seizure. The challenge is then separating true from imaginary symptoms.”

The Social Security Administration’s listing requires that these cases must have a well-established diagnosis. Seizures must have also continued despite three or more months of treatment.

Medical evidence, including physician’s progress notes and testing results, are critical in proving disabling epilepsy to the Social Security Administration . Additionally, witness affidavits and credible testimony from the child claimant and parents are important for the judge to review in the case. The law offices of Harold W.Conick and Associates are experts in successfully obtaining and presenting such evidence in both children and adult epilepsy disability claims.