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Changes to SSA disability taking place to start 2014

Anyone looking to apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration needs to take note of some of the recent changes the SSA has put into place. The Wall Street Journal listed six key changes to start 2014, including starting to change the job listings that applicants can be matched to. This was previously out of date and is expected to better suit current realities by 2016.

Another change coming is to “the grid,” or something that administrative law judges utilize to check if someone qualifies for benefits. Judges believe it has become easier to “work” the grid, which weighs factors such as age and illness to see how likely it is someone should qualify for disability benefits.

Other possible upcoming changes, according to the journal, include:
– A rule proposal that will prevent firms from holding back information related to a disability application
– The caseload of judges will likely be ramped up to tackle the huge backlog
– There will be a closer look into whether doctors and lawyers in the agency are trying to scam the SSA
– More scrutiny is expected to be put on administrative judges within the SSA

The Social Security Administration’s claims and adjudication system is an evolving work in progress. It must adapt to changes in both medical science and the competitive work environment in order to expeditiously adjudicate the claims that come in front of it.

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