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Calculating veterans benefits via VA’s rating system

Those who are looking to obtain veterans benefits are often frustrated by the Department of Veterans Affairs’ rating system that may end up taking away some benefits after previously granting an award. This can turn into a situation where benefits are granted in one area but taken away in another.

“Eligibility for VA health care is dependent upon a number of variables, which may influence the final determination of the services for which you qualify,” said. “These factors include the nature of a veteran’s discharge from military service (e.g., honorable, other than honorable, dishonorable), length of service, VA adjudicated disabilities (commonly referred to as service-connected disabilities), income level, and available VA resources among others.”

The upper limit of what VA can award is a 100 percent rating, as Congress does not allow for disability ratings over this number. Regardless of the disability or severity of it, once the veteran has reached this ceiling, they cannot get anymore per month. However, there can be ways benefits are taken away if VA’s rating system deems percentage points need to be taken from another area.

As in all claims for disability benefits with the federal government, it is important for the veteran to have sufficient medical records to prove entitlement to an increased rating. These medical records can be from any source, military or civilian. The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick & Associates are experts in obtaining and presenting medical records to support claims for increased benefits.