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Be aware of the debilitating symptoms of migraines

This week, from September 7 through the 13th, it’s Migraine Awareness Week. While many may think of a migraine as just a headache, sufferers know that they can be debilitating, causing them to stay at home from work for days on end. Those who suffer should seek treatment; for those who can’t hold a job, it may be time to apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

According to, 91 percent of those who suffer from migraines miss work or cannot function normally during an attack. Most sufferers, 70 percent, are women, and 69 percent of overall sufferers said they have looked for help from a physician due to the intense pain these migraines can bring. For 25 percent, migraines are something they have to deal with multiple times per week.

If these excruciating migraines are hampering your life, you need to start visiting doctors and specialists and saving these medical records in your bid for SSA disability benefits. The only way an administrative judge will approve your benefits is if they see you have been trying to stop the problem. Make sure you and an attorney are able to review all of your records to ensure you have everything that is necessary; one misstep could lead to a denial.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates have successfully represented numerous clients suffering from migraines obtain their SSA disability benefits. It is critical that clients are consistently treated for their migraines and keep a headache log documenting the severity and frequency of their migraines. Supportive, objective medical evidence of the debilitating nature of the migraines will enable the SSA judge to determine that employment is not possible and therefore grant disability benefits.