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Applying for Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability AttorneyWith a denial rate of around 65%, social security and disability claims seem quite difficult to file successfully. The statistics might discourage many people who are genuinely eligible for the benefits under this federal insurance program. It is important to realize and understand the factors behind the exceptionally high denial rate for SSDI program. One of the major factors is the lack of awareness of how to apply for SSDI which results in improper or inadequately filed applications which have a greater chance of being rejected or denied.

Therefore, it is imperative that you fully acquaint yourself with the prerequisites and requirements of the program before filing your SSDI application. A social security disability lawyer is the best person to help you out and guide you through the process to ensure that your application is not denied.

Understanding the Eligibility Criteria

Before deciding to apply you must first ensure that you, or the person on behalf of whom you are applying, fulfills the eligibility criteria set by the law. The first and foremost prerequisite for being an eligible candidate for benefits under SSDI is that the person must have been employed and contributed to the social security fund through salary deductions. Secondly, the applicant needs to be disabled and have limited or no considerable income or savings.

Thirdly and most importantly, the applicant must prove his disability through medical reports. This is an aspect which most applicants overlook, thinking that the tests conducted by the SSDI committee are more than enough to substantiate their claim. It is extremely significant that you provide credible and ample medical evidence that you are disabled, and your condition is expected to last for a minimum of twelve months.

Furthermore, factors such as your age at the time you become disabled and the time duration you have worked before you became disabled. There is a common misconception that people who are already getting benefits from other programs cannot apply for SSDI benefits. If found eligible, you can receive SSDI benefits along with the benefits you are already receiving from other programs. Due to the extensive and complex nature of the application, people tend to seek the assistance of reputable and experienced social disability lawyers, who have years of experience dealing with such cases. They can help you evaluate your case and save a considerable amount of your time and resources.

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