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3 Tips to Improve the Approval Chances of Your VA Disability Claim

Social Security Disability LawyerObtaining VA benefits can often be a frustrating experience. There are many VA claims that are not approved due to common mistakes, such as filing out the application form incorrectly, not providing appropriate evidence of the medical symptoms and missing deadlines. Here are three key tips to improve the approval chances of your VA disability claim.

Obtain Medical Treatment

Obtaining medical treatment can be considered the most important aspect of a successful VA Disability claim. If you do not seek treatment for your conditions, it will appear your condition(s) are not severe and you must not require VA Disability benefits. You can obtain treatment from a medical professional such as a doctor, however, there are other options available. For instance, if you suffer from PTSD and are part of a support group, then it will also suffice as medical evidence. The bottom line is: the Veterans Administration requires medical evidence and submitting your records will allow you to strengthen your claim.

Do Not Procrastinate

It may sound obvious, but you cannot get your VA disability claim approved unless you apply for it. Do not procrastinate in filling out the application and initiating the process. The Veterans Administration has extremely strict deadlines, so be prompt with appointments. If you miss an appeal date, you may potentially lose thousands of dollars of your back pay. Never forget to learn about all your upcoming dates and make sure to set reminders.

Hire A Lawyer

Hiring an experienced veteran’s disability lawyer is arguably one of the best ways to improve the approval chances of your VA disability claim. Your attorney will take care of all the paperwork and legal technicalities related to your claim, which can be extremely time consuming and complex.

A competent veteran’s disability lawyer will help in the submission of paperwork, file appeals and provide assistance to obtain evidence and second opinions, which further improves the chances of your application. They are familiar with the best practices and the dos and don’ts of filing a claim, which can save you from making prudential mistakes in your application process.

The best part: An astute veteran’s disability lawyer does not even charge an upfront fee and will work on a contingent fee basis. This means you do not have to pay unless you win your case, which provides you complete assurance and peace of mind that the responsibility of your VA disability claim is in the right hands.

If you wish to seek further information about how to improve the approval chances of your VA disability claim or set up a confidential case evaluation with an experienced VA disability, contact the offices of Harold W. Conick & Associates, Ltd. at (800) 608-8881 and schedule a free consultation.