Other Disabilities & Issues Regarding Veterans’ Disability Claims

There are a number of other disabilities and issues facing veterans:

  • Military Sexual Trauma (MST): MST is sexual assault during military service, including uninvited sexual advances or contact or forced sex while in the military. Military Sexual Trauma happens to both men and women and can cause both mental and physical problems for veterans.
  • Hearing Problems: Exposure to loud noises as well as the concussive impacts of explosions and large guns is a fact of military training and service. This exposure can cause hearing loss and tinnitus for veterans and may get worse as veterans age.
  • Homeless Veterans: The VA estimates that on any given night, there are approximately 131,000 homeless veterans. The VA is addressing this issue and is striving to provide easy access to programs and services including Prevention, Housing Support, Treatment, Employment, and Job Training.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will pay disability compensation and health care benefits to veterans suffering from injuries or diseases that began in or were aggravated by their military service. However, each veteran must prove that he or she is suffering from a service-related disease, including providing medical evidence such as doctor and hospital reports.

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