Thanks so much for winning my case. I appreciate all the work you did for me. I couldn’t have done it without you !-Lori R.

I want to tell you again; Thank You for everything. I could not have done this without you (and Dr. Kecala). It’s been a long, tough, confusing battle but we finally won the war!!! My life is forever-changed and the VA has taken total responsibility for my husband’s death. WOW I was wondering if this day would ever come but it did and I will be forever grateful to you for taking my case and following through to the end. When all is said and done (7 years for me and 5 years for you), it was all worth it!-Stephanie K.

Harold Conick and his team are true professionals.They quickly reviewed my case and then kept me notified each step of the process through numerous calls. Anytime I reached out to ask a question,they responded the same day. Attorney Conick is a seasoned professional in many areas of law, especially in social security disability law. I highly recommend this firm and Mr. Conick if you are seeking an attorney. They are fair, knowledgeable and personable.-Deb V.

I am writing to tell of my experience with Harold W. Conick & Associates for my disability claim, the whole process was professional but done with a “human touch”. I enjoyed meeting and working with Hal and James Kane. I am grateful for their assistance.-Cindy G.

Hal, Jim & Stephanie are great people. They have taken care of us & will continue to do so.-Curt B.

I highly recommend Hal. very professional and compassionate to my situation. Hal is a seasoned representative, Jim his assistant kept me informed and updated the whole process and won my case!! A+ all the way-Susan L.

Excellent Disability Lawyer – Doesn’t fool around with Honorable Judge – Know how to expedite claim while caution clients against certain system aspect. If medical information is insufficient, the lawyer may say something about it.-Adam J.

I was very happy with my experience-Jim W.

Hal is a seasoned lawyer who does a great job for his clients. I would highly recommend Harold W. Conick and Associates.-Matt S.

First time worked with Harold and his para legal for the house closing. My previous experiences twice before in different states with the different lawyers, I had been so frustrated with their dealings, but this time with Harold everything went so smooth and he gave good advice and prompt responses each issue raised by the buyers and their lawyers. I was glad I worked with Harold.-Mark T.

Highly recommended very knowledgable and feel very confident to recommend-Pam Brogan-Mirabile

Hal was a great help when we needed a good attorney. Definitely would recommend him. Good communicator and he conducts his business with integrity.-Judy P.

I would like to commend the Law Offices of Harold W. Conick & Associates, Ltd. on the excellent job they did to help me get social security disability. They helped me through a very complicated process which I would not have been able to do alone, especially considering my severe health issues. All my questions were answered immediately, and the process went smoothly. I would especially like to thank Jim Kane, who always went above and beyond on my case. He made a very trying time easier for me and my family.

Eileen S.


We worked with Hal to buy our first house 7 years ago. When we decided to relocate we knew to call Hal again. the property sale included a temporary rental agreement. Hal successfully negotiated mutual agreeable terms with all parties. For the new property purchase the title company (seller selected) was not properly prepared for our closing. Hal help facilitate the close despite the title company’s shortcomings. He calmly offered solutions to the title company’s excuses and went above and beyond all expectations. He and his staff promptly responded to my emails and phone calls. I highly recommend Hal Conick for any closing from simple to complicated.

Ann He


Thank you for helping me get awarded Social Security benefits. Everyone on your staff was very helpful in keeping me informed with phone calls and letters. Just want to thank you again and you will be well recommended.



Thanks to Mr. Conick (and his associates) I won a 4 year long battle (1 year with them) for disability. I would highly recommend Mr. Conick, he is very professional, knowledgeable and kind. I don’t know what I would have done with out him. I highly recommend him!

Kathy Anne, St. Charles, IL

My name is Russ and I have a very rare organ disorder. There are 350 people who have my disorder in the world. I’m very grateful to Harold W. Conick and Associates for taking my case because my other disability attorneys were fearful that they would not be able to have a positive outcome as Mr. Conick and his team had. Not only did Mr. Conick and his team help me explain what was occurring with me, but they were always willing to lend me their ears and listen to me about my daily aches and pains.


Hal is a fascinating individual. I dont’ think of him as your typical attorney, rather Hal is an ordinary guy that practices law….and darn good at it. He is skilled in many aspects but mostly skilled in listening. He relates well with people in challaging situations. His upbeat approach calms people around him.I highly suggest you take advantage of this advocate.


When I was searching for an attorney to assist in my disability claim, I was looking for experience, one that wasn’t just in it for the money, but one that wanted to help me, and do it the correct way. I found this after one phone call with Harold W. Conick & Associates, and after the second phone call, I knew I had the right attorney. All the others would listen to my story and say, yes we will take you. This firm heard my story, asked me questions that disability had asked me. This impressed me because it showed they knew what they were doing. Then they said they would go over it and decide if I had a case or not, and whether they would take it. They weren’t just getting cases in the door and hoping they would win, they were making sure they were taking cases that would win.

Attorney Conick was very knowledgeable and well respected by the judge and doctor that were assigned to my case. He gave me sound advice and explained any question that I asked or didn’t understand.

I highly recommend Attorney Harold Conick and his associates to use when you are trying to get disability.

– Joyce

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for all that you did which resulted in a favorable decision in my case and have included just a few reasons why I feel that I was fortunate to have been represented by your firm.

My experience with Harold Conick and his Staff was one that truly put my mind at ease!

Any question or concerns that I had were addressed promptly.

The professional expertise and genuine concern shown by all at the Firm made the lengthy Disability Claim Process progress smoothly and resulted in a “Fully Favorable Decision” I would not have been able to do this on my own!

With all that is involved in the disability claim process I would highly recommend Harold Conick and Associates to guide anyone that seeks an honest, professional, and knowledgeable representation that will result in a favorable decision also.

Thanks so much! -Mary

From the first phone call to Harold W. Conick and Associates to the final Congratulations letter, I feel like this team has been on board for what was in my best interest.

I was always directed in what I need to do or what to do next. Whenever I made a phone call to the office, I was always greeted with kindness and helped with whatever it was I needed.

Everyone I know had asked me why I chose an attorney from so far away from my home. I told them that it was because the staff here helped to make me feel comfortable right away.

I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for being kind, having compassion and getting the job done. I wish you all the very best.

Laurie, Grand Rapids, MI

After having back surgery in July 2010, I was not improving. I once had a very physical job that I could not return to. I was on some medication and had many restrictions from my Doctors in which I was unable to return to work. I contacted Harold W. Conick and Associates after researching my options. I met with Mr. Conick and explained my situation. He agreed I had a case, and was very thorough in explaining what would happen throughout the process, and what was needed from me. With his and his staffs help (thank you Jim and Cathy!), I was able to receive a favorable decision for disability with the SSA.

They kept me informed through all the steps of the process. It was a long process, but I knew that based on our initial conversation. They were very helpful and sympathetic with my situation. They let me know if they needed anything on my end, and they always followed through on their end.

I would highly recommend Harold W. Conick and Associates to anyone looking for a disability Attorney. They will do everything they can to help you.


My family is very satisfied with the entire staff & services provided by Mr. Conick’s office. From the first sit down meeting Mr. Conick was very honest, professional and to the point when reviewing my case. Mr. Conick was very versed in the law based on his many years of experience and do diligence to keep up to date with any new laws or methods coming out. Mr. Conick’s staff (Cathy & Jim) that I had the pleasure with working with were just as nice and professional as Mr. Conick!

Anytime there was any update on my case or any information I needed to provide, the office was very quick to call, email, and/or send me a letter in the mail. One of the biggest reasons I chose Mr. Conick’s Office for my case over the other offices out there was the straight forward advice that went beyond just about my case.

Mr. Conick cares about you as a client of course, but as a person first! Thanks you to your entire team for all your help & time. I will always use you in the future for other legal services that you provide.

Mike McD

I am writing on behalf of my husband who became disabled and had to file for Disability Benefits. We were mislead and misrepresented by several lawyers until we hired Mr. Harold Conick. It was only through his expertise and understanding of the system, personal commitment and continued follow-up by Mr. Conick and his professional staff that my husband obtained approval.

Knowing a lawyer such as Mr. Harold Conick who understands the rules and regulations in Social Security, being able to professionally take charge during the review and hearing and leaving the room satisfied that my husband would be approved.

We are forever grateful for his assistance and would highly recommend Mr. Harold Conick to anyone seeking assistance with Social Security Disability.

I highly recommend Mr. Conick to anyone.


Mrs. C, Naperville, IL

I am extremely grateful to Harold W. Conick and Associates for helping me win a fully favorable appeal with the SSA concerning my disability case and my ongoing inability to work.

Mr. Conick is a wonderful Social Security Attorney and his exceptional staff is very sympathetic. They gave me the strength to carry on; they are very professional, very concerned and very helpful.

Evelyn, Carol Stream, IL

After becoming disabled on 7/1/2002, I looked for someone to help me apply for social security disability. Harold Conick and the people in his office helped me every step of the way. I had two appeals and one administrative hearing before I got approved 2/12/2005.

Harold and his office kept me up to date every step of the way. I have since recommended Harold to other people and he has done a good job for them. I can only say don’t give up, the government counts on you giving up.

Steve, Wheaton, IL

I needed an attorney who was a true expert on Social Security Disability benefits, and not one of those guys who rely on quantity over quality – like so many of these big disability benefit mill operations you see advertised everywhere. I needed someone with passion and who takes the time to listen before offering any advice.

I needed a guy with a track record that was seasoned enough to demand respect because he was mature and that he thoroughly understood the Social Security Administration Disability benefits process from top to bottom.

And, I needed an attorney who himself had undergone physical medical challenges and understood what I was going through and could be the best possible advocate for me because he could personally relate.

I needed Harold W. Conick! And, I wasn’t disappointed. Harold listened to my narration of medical history and informed me of what he thought I could expect should I choose to retain him. He met with me through each and every step of the process, making suggestions and explaining the issues. Finally, Harold helped me get the benefits that I was entitled to receive.

Harold Conick guided me through a process that isn’t always pleasant, and helped me feel that I was in the right hands, regardless of how tough those times may be.

James, Elmhurst, IL

Mr. Conick and his exceptional staff guided me through a lengthy and frustrating process that I never could have managed on my own. The care and compassion everyone took with me was refreshing and hopeful. Harold W. Conick and Associates for helped me win a fully favorable appeal with the SSA concerning my mental health disability case and my ongoing inability to work. Thank you Harold W. Conick and Associates for wining my case, and for keeping me well-informed and calm every step of the way.

Matthew, Chicago, IL