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Veterans should not give up on benefits due to backlog

The backlog for veterans benefits have been piling up for a long time now, but qualifying veterans and their families should not give up on trying to get what is owed to them. With proper representation, these benefits can be fought for and procured by those who have dedicated their lives to helping the United States.

CBS News reported that the backlog is currently at more than 500,000 former soldiers, a number that Allison Hickey, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs director of benefits, called “way too many.”

“Forty-five percent of them are filing a claim,and that is unprecedented in terms of the number of veterans that will file a claim with us,” Hickey told the news source, saying that the system has been swamped lately by more claims than usual. There was recently a change in regulations that allow more Vietnam veterans to file for claims from having to live with the effects of the Agent Orange pesticide. Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are also filing for more claims than ever.

CBS said VA plans to switch from paper to electronic records by 2015, something that should help claims make their way through the system much quicker than they currently do. Until then, veterans should continue to submit needed paperwork and gave good representation to ensure they can get their needed benefits.

The law offices of Harold W. Conick & Associates is committed to helping veterans fight for their benefits. It is important for veterans not be discouraged by the backlog and pursue their claims.

Most Americans think Social Security cuts would be ‘unfair’

While there have been talks by government officials recently that cuts may be coming for the Social Security disability payments program, a recent survey of 1,000 Americans by Lincoln Park Strategies shows that 83 percent believe cutting this program wouldn’t be fair and a mere 8 percent said they’d be in favor of these cuts. The survey, commissioned by the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives, also shows that support came from both sides of the political aisle.

Other things this report found include:
– The Social Security Administration is estimating that the ratio of workers for every disability recipient will stay stable
– Disability benefits do not provide the same level of money as even a minimum wage job, so it is most certainly not preferable to be on Social Security disability benefits for those who can work
– SSD is not an entitlement program, as a lot of complex work and documentation goes into getting disabilities. As the report said, this is not an “entitlement program”

The Social Security disability program is essentially an insurance program for those that can no longer work due to a severe medical condition. Once approved, claimants are provided with a monthly income and medical insurance after a certain waiting period. The benefits are often the only financial help a disabled worker will obtains from the government.The attorneys at the Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates are prepared to fight hard for their clients right to such benefits.

Scientists look into ways to slow Autism, disabilities

For children and adults with serious cases of Autism, the disability benefits may be able to be procured from Social Security Administration due to the nature of the disorder. However, scientists are looking into ways where those affected may not have to feel as helpless, according to Science Codex.

The website said these disorders are marked by mutations that impair signaling between neurons. In the November 9 issue of the medical journal called The Cell, scientists said findings that mutations cause key brain circuits involved in learning and memory to develop to quickly and lead to deficits could mean new treatment strategies for severe forms of these neurodevelopmental disorders are on their way.

“We have provided perhaps the first evidence that acceleration of certain neural milestones is just as disruptive as delay in the same milestones,” says senior study author Gavin Rumbaugh of Scripps Florida. “These studies have far-reaching implications for how we will treat these severe forms of neurodevelopmental disorders.”

It remains to be seen what will come of these studies, but those affected by the these neurodevelopmental disorders should be heartened to see the work happening.

Autism is one of several forms of disabling conditions that children may suffer from. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates are experts in successfully representing children before the SSA. In order to prove childhood disability, evidence must be presented that the child suffers either an extreme limitation in one of the childhood functional domains or suffers a marked impairment in two functional domains.Medical and school records are often the primary evidence used to prove childhood disability.

Fighting for disability benefits may be necessary

Ideally, anyone who is in need of Social Security disability benefits would be able to qualify and receive them, but this is not always how it works. A recent story in the Baltimore Sun profiled Jim Nicholas, a man with heart troubles who fought for nine years to get his $206,000 from the Social Security Administration. This is not just a Maryland problem, as in Chicago, across Illinois and the rest of the United States, many have trouble receiving the benefits they deserve and must fight for them.

Nicholas and his wife have been trying to prove that he needs benefits since he suffered heart failure, according to the newspaper, but as the months and years went on, the family lost a lot of money and received no disability payments.

“This is how the system works: Usually, people give up or they die,” Yvonne Nicholas, Jim’s wife, said according to the Baltimore Sun. “I wasn’t going to let that happen.”

The report said 2,000 cases were dismissed across the country last year due to the death of the claimant. In this case, the Nicholas family received their money, but this is not usually the case. It is always important to get good legal representation to make sure the proper fight goes into procuring Social Security disability benefits.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates are experts in presenting our clients the best and most critical evidence to the SSA in order to obtain disability benefits. We often take on cases that other lawyers have abandoned and win them for the client.We are loyal to our clients and do not give up fighting for our clients benefits.