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Children with epilepsy can be approved for disability benefits

Children who suffer from epilepsy, or an illness that causes two or more seizures by reversible causes, according to the Epilepsy Therapy Project, may have disability qualifying conditions from the Social Security Administration. This means their families could get money that is well needed for medical bills, therapy and more.

In order to get Social Security benefits, parents must be diligent in getting the disease diagnosed and working with doctors. The Epilepsy Therapy Project spells it out on their website.

“Many children fail to report what they feel because of shyness, embarrassment, inability to put their feelings into words, inability to recognize the relationship of the symptom to a seizure, inability to recall the event, and other less obvious reasons,” the website said. “If simply asked what he or she experiences, such a child may just shrug. When given a choice of possible symptoms, however, the child will often say that one or more occurred before the seizure. The challenge is then separating true from imaginary symptoms.”

The Social Security Administration’s listing requires that these cases must have a well-established diagnosis. Seizures must have also continued despite three or more months of treatment.

Medical evidence, including physician’s progress notes and testing results, are critical in proving disabling epilepsy to the Social Security Administration . Additionally, witness affidavits and credible testimony from the child claimant and parents are important for the judge to review in the case. The law offices of Harold W.Conick and Associates are experts in successfully obtaining and presenting such evidence in both children and adult epilepsy disability claims.

Veterans need to avoid benefit scams

Although veterans are serving our country and giving their lives to help protect the United States, it seems as though not everyone truly appreciates what these men and women do for the country. WLS reports that a California-based comapny used the website to steer military members to use their veterans benefits for for-profit schools.

QuinStreet Inc. marketed themselves to service members as a website endorsed by the United States military but were in fact misleading visitors with how the benefits could be used. This website is surely not alone, so veterans need to be very careful with who they trust to help with their benefits.

“This company deceptively promoted its website as an unbiased source of information for service members seeking to further their education and career prospects,” Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office said.said in a statement. “But in reality, the site was just a front to steer veterans to for-profit schools intent on siphoning GI Bill benefits rather than providing a legitimate education.”

The company must now shut down their social media accounts disclose that the schools listed are not the only ones that accept veterans benefits and must use less misleading language. They will also have to pay $2.5 million to states they operated in and turn over the website to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The law offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates is dedicated to the proposition that our clients legal needs come first and foremost. We do everything in our power to ensure the best result possible in obtaining benefits for the Veterans we represent.

Carpal tunnel can net disability benefits

Although many may not think their carpal tunnel syndrome could help them get money from the Social Security Administration once they are unable to work, this is not the case. Disability qualifying conditions can include carpal tunnel syndrome and those that cannot work due to their injury should seek disability payments today.

This is not an uncommon problem anymore, so people will most likely have to be suffering from a severe case of carpal tunnel to get disability payments. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said the number of people with carpal tunnel has increased 770 percent in the last 10 years. The main cause of this increase was due to work, according to the bureau.

There are now multiple tests that people can have performed to show the severity of their disease, including a thumb weakness test, Phalen’s test, electromyography to check the muscle activity, nerve conduction studies and more. People who are suffering through carpal tunnel may want to work but just cannot without proper therapy, surgery or rest. Social Security disability payments may be a good way to help while they are unable to work.

The law offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates is well experienced in successfully representing clients before the Social Security Administration who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Depending on the type of past work and remaining capacity to grip and handle objects, clients suffering chronic carpal tunnel
can prevail in obtaining disability income benefits.

People of all ethnicities need to keep eye on mental health

In the area of mental health, there are many Social Security disability qualifying conditions that people suffer from. With July being the National Alliance on Mental Illness sponsored National Minority Health Awareness Month, people of all ethnicities who suffer from a mental illness themselves or have family members that do should apply for Social Security benefits and seek help today.

NAMI’s Multicultural Action Center said many racial and ethnic communities have a stigma around mental illness and what may cause it, but it is something that could strike anyone at any time. There is no shame in getting help for mental illness much like there is no shame in getting help for a disease such as cancer or diabetes.

“Many Latinos who have both physical and mental healthcare needs do not access all of the resources available to them because of stigma, lack of knowledge, and oftentimes our cultural beliefs and attitudes, such as self-reliance,” said Henry Acosta, executive director of the National Resource Center for Hispanic Mental Health, according to one company working with NAMI. “These are important social safety nets in place for those in need, and we should do a better job of educating people about eligibility so they know their rights.”

The law offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates has successfully represented hundreds of clients before the Social Security Administration who have been afflicted with mental illness. Mental illness takes many forms and the symptoms can be chronic making employment impossible. Social security benefits are available to replace income lost due to disability.